Monday, 13 December 2010


Suspense occurs when the audience feels a sense of uncertainty about the actions shown.
It is clear that suspense is a seperate feeling/emotion to mystery as Alfred Hitchcock states in this video:
The members of our group understand that suspense involves giving the audience the vital piece of information for understanding the plot of the movie. This is clearly shown in the movie "Jaws". Judging from the clips we have seen we each have our own opinions about the concept of suspense.

Gozde believes "that suspense can only work when the plot or storyline is something relatively realistic otherwise the whole  suspense approach just seems quite silly and humorous."
Azeemah says: "I thought suspense was the same as mystery but after watching the Alfred Hitchcock clip and then the jaws clip I realised that suspense is actually much more effective than mystery."
Konrad says: "Alfred Hitchcock shows the importance of suspense and its impact on the audience. It keeps the viewers 'on the edge of their seats' and makes them much more involved in what's happening on the screen. This is what many film makers try to achieve but what they get is "mystery" which is something completely different."