Sunday, 3 April 2011

Evaluation: Q1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Despite the fact that our movie was on the lowest of lowest budgets, I think our movie came out pretty good for a couple of students. If your a movie nerd or you just watch more movies than is considered healthy, you'd probably notice that some of the shots in our movie are similar to others. We didn't really have one specific film that inspired us, rather a ton of them.

This shot is from Black Swan and although the angles are different they are pretty similar. I like this shot because it's kind of establishing the scene in front of the character and it's not called an establishing shot. It's kind of following the character (maybe you can call it a back shot? maybe not.) and isn't really used as much as you think. It looks as though we are following the character and I think it creates a mysterious atmosphere if this is the first shot used. In both cases it wasn't, we saw the characters face first before this shot but its still effective. Director Darren Aronofsky is someone who uses this alot. He directed Black Swan among other movies like The Wrestler. Although our movie isn't as amazing as any of his (although I think we have potential. :P) I was quite surprised that this was one of the movies that we had similarities from. I like the angle that Black Swan is shot from, from down tilting up. It makes the actress (Natalie Portman) seem as though she is about to step into something huge because she looks small compared to the buildings at the top of the stairs.
The next shot is taken from Juno, a long shot of one of the main characters crossing the road just like our main character. Snap! This is actaully one of my favourite shots from our opening. The opening to our movie is really similar to the one of Juno because they both are of someone walking form one place to another, although they both end up in different places. The other difference is quite obvious, the fact that Juno is cartoon like here and ours isn't. If we had used cartoons, I don't think it would have worked well with our movie because we ended up in a graveyard and it might have killed our thiller idea.

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