Sunday, 3 April 2011

Evaluation: Q6

Audience feedback and comment.

We shhowed our opening to our class on Monday, and they were able to give us some brilliant feedback. Everyone watched everyones openings and I was kind of excited to see what the rest of our class had been upto. This word cloud made on shows the words that people used when giving us feedback. The bigger the word, the more times it was used. It was pretty cool hearing what they had to say, and it was all quite positive apart from the few little things that we already tried to do something about. Like the titles. They really liked the way the soundtrack and editing fit together. And all in all, everything was pretty good. As it says on the wordle below.

So as well as showing everyone in our class our opening, the rest of the AS media students are also going to see it! On Wednesday, we will be going to the Screen On The Green on Upper Street in Islington where everyones opening will be shown on the big screen. By showing it here, we will be able to get tons more feedback from people who don't know us and are seeing our movie for the first time. We will be able to see peoples reactions to our opening and then get their first impressions of it.

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