Sunday, 3 April 2011

Evaluation: Q4&5

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

Our movie isn't one of those big blockbuster hollywood type movies (clearly) so when talking about distributing our media product there are actually alot of places we could do it without having tons of money. So when you tell everyone to watch your movie, there obviously going to ask 'Where can we watch it?'. And here are the many ways they could see them. We are going to have 200 copies of our movie which will be given out to the rest of the AS media students, which is some kind of exposure. By doing this, everyone has the ability to show anyone their own movie as well as other peoples. We're also going to watch all our movies in the cinema (the Screen On The Green) so it would kind of make us feel like our movie got somewhere, and all the other AS media studies students will be watcing it. 

We also have the ability to upload our movies on several websites. The internet has grown so much and there are so many free websites for us to use. Let me give you some examples. YouTube. The largest video uploading site out there. There are so many videos on there that adding one more won't hurt. We could go viral (like the most recent: Rebecca Black - Friday) but there is also a possibility that our video could get lost among the other thousands. But uploading it won't do us any harm, because it's free to make an account and to upload it and you might get some exposure, and some is better than none.

As well  as Youtube, there are plenty of other video uploading sites such as Vimeo which although has less exposure than Youtube, is still quite popular. But the advantages and disadvantages would be the same as Youtube or any other video uploading site.

Speaking of places to upload, don't rule out social networking sites. They are probably some of the most visited websites on the internet and almost everyone has one nowadays, which obviously = BIG TIME EXPOSURE. Sharing it on places like Facebook and Twitter (the most popular social networking sites out there right now) gives you the option to share it with anyone on there. These websites are also free which is always a good thing and you can create your own groups or fanpages to put them onto which lets anyone see them and comment on them. The only problem with this would be that there is alot of competition out there, as there is with almost anything so you would be competing with alot of people all over the world. But there are also other sites, like Myspace, although they aren't as popular. But like I said, some exposure is better than none.

To also gain some exposure you can go on websites like and which are places that allow you to upload your video if your an up and coming director that wants some sort of exposure. They won't be places where you can go viral, and aren't known by the whole world but if watched by these people you can get some good credit. They also focus more on the quality of your video. On Indie Films other people can watch your movie for free (something everyone loves, let's face it) and on the other hand at First Light, there are many competitions like the recent Sunday Times one, and they also have an awards ceremony which happened last month in Leicester Square. So massive exposure opportunities right on your doorstep.

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