Sunday, 3 April 2011

Evaluation: Q2

How does your media product represent particular soical groups?

Our movie only contains one actual main character in the opening (but a second one if you close attention) that the audience is introduced to. Our character, played the great Konrad is a businessman and you can tell that he is one by several things.

  • One: He's wearing a suit. All businessmen wear suits right? Obviously. A nice tailored suit from some fancy shop somewhere. Suits exude confident, smart and quite serious people. They can also hide alot of things about the person (in our case, the fact that Konrad has a deep, dark secret that no-one will ever know).
  • Two: He's waking out of a hotel. A fancy schmancy one at that. This shows that he has money of some sort and the fact that is looks quite posh and expensive looking also shows that. It could also say that he is staying there temporarily for some reason. 

Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau is a good representation of our character. The fact that this movie is also a thriller helps because this picture looks nothing like a thriller. Although our main character doesn't talk to anyone during the opening, there is another character in our opening and we also don't see her face.

This is Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. Although he wasn't really a businessman, I think he represents our character in the sense that he was hiding a secret from everyone (that he was a superhero).

This is Morgan Freeman in The Dark Knight where he is the chief executive officer of Wayne Enterprises and keeps the secret of who Batman is. Even though it's not really his own deep, dark secret he is keeping it for someone else. In our movie we have a character who knows what our main actor has done and is threatening to spill the secret.

This is Dev Patel in the award winning movie Slumdog Millionaire where he plays a contestant of Who wants to be a millionaire? and wins. Although he is not your typical rich businessman, he does become economically powerful through the gameshow.

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