Friday, 8 April 2011

EVALUATION; Question 7: What have we learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

This was our group member talking about the basic hardware and software that we used in the production of our video. We also used website such as,, internet movie, video They all helped us with our research whether it was researching movies and opening sequences or tutorials on how to best film and edit our movie. All of this websites contributed to the final outcome because without the research we wouldn't know about the 180 rule or what exactly is a match cut. I found it easier to learn Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effect because of those websites, showing me how and why would I use a certain tool in the software.

Final Cut Pro(FCP), Adobe After Effects(AAF) and Soundtrack Pro(SP) worked very well together. After importing everything to FCP and editing it all together we could export the footage to SP. This means that we could edit the sound and look where the sound would be in the movie without closing SP. This really helps while making a movie because it saves you time later on by eliminating the process of matching the sound in FCP. Soundtrack Pro is a great software that lets us use and edit and create new sounds. The Production Company logo (Candi Studios animation) would not be that successful if not the sound from SP. One of our group members is still fascinated and amazed by how well the sound and animation goes together.

We also used, soundcloudcom and to show content on our blog such as sound and images. was a major part of our project. We wrote about our ideas for the movie, sound and any other part of the movie as well as our research and more. We used and to import sound on the website, youtube for videos and photobucket for slideshows (our pitch).

We used (two) Memory Cards because they are much cheaper as well as much simpler to import to Final Cut Pro. Also memory cards can be easily re used without the loss of video quality.

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