Friday, 1 April 2011

EVALUATION:Q4/5 What kind of media institution might distribute our media product and why? How will we attract/address our audience?

Being a particularly low budget film doesn't make the act of distribution particularly easy, however, being in the 21st century has many advantages when it comes to the media. For example, the internet has created the ability to access the whole world by a touch of a button, surely we can use this incredible tool to help market our small scale opening.
For example, just by putting this short film (below) on Youtube and submitting it to various competitions and festivals such as the ' No Limits Film Festival 2010' and the ' Film Making contest 2010'
The short film has won awards such as the 'Best Young Filmmaker Award at Fastnet Short Film Festival' and 'Best Fiction Award at The Altered Images Student Post Production Festival in London 2010'

As seen in the description of the film above, there is a gigantic number of websites, competitions and festivals that are created and designed to help people showcase their talents and projects. For example the website is specially made as an online talent competition website. Makers of any film, including myself can upload their projects and enter them into various competitions, mmeanwhile having the opportunity to reach a hugely diverse audience.
Many student films have been showcased and funded by companies such as 'First Light' ( which encourage students to make films and can even provide equipment and tools to help develop their skills. For example
Hey Jumper by Elishama Udorok at First Light has won an award thanks to 'First light' and this has helped increase the number of people that are interested in the film. If our film is good enough, I believe that we can upload our opening too, and if it is recognised as an outstanding piece, we would also have the opportunity of our film being shown to various groups of people constantly.
If we are extremely lucky, we could just upload or film opening to youtube and suddenly be a worldwide sensation just like this young lady...

In the 6 weeks that this video has been in the media, it has raked a record breaking 70 million views. Although many people say they dislike the film, word about it has spread like wildfire and people all over the globe have been talking about it. But publicity is what many film makers strive for and dream about, and this young girl has proven that it really is possible to be known by millions in a matter of days.

We've uploaded our film to Youtube too! Lets see if we have had the same impact to the global community...

Screenshot of the Video being Uploaded

Our media product will be made into a DVD along with all the openings from our year at our college, this DVD will be made into 200 copies and be given out to all the AS media students, this is a great opportunity as it would mean that at least 200 people would have our film at their fingertips. Our movie will also be shown at the 'screen on the green' in Islington, which will be a great opportunity to showcase our opening to a large group of people who can then give us great feedback, as well as being able to spread their thoughts and opinions of the film by word of mouth. We would also be able to upload our video to sites like and as well as social networking sites such as

Screenshot of our opening on Facebook

This would allow us to show thousands of online users our films, and this would hopefully encourage them to share the film themselves, creating some kind of ripple effect. As a result, maybe our film will become as successful as that music video above...

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