Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation:Q6 Audience feedback and comment

The first time we had showed our film opening was to our media class, this was quite nerve-wrecking to say the least, I was desperate to hear the opinions of my classmates and had my fingers (and toes) crossed that they wouldn't find it boring. So, after watching a few other groups' work, it was out turn, suddenly I felt like we were in the middle of the Sahara Desert (yes, I felt hot) as I heard the music that meant that our opening was on screen.
All in all, we had quite a positive response, from our classmates, a few people said it contained slightly too much walking but we had managed to keep their attention from our interesting edits and great music. Yay!
A general picture of our classmates' response

As you can see, the word cloud has a huge emphasis on 'Good,' 'Soundtrack,' 'editing,' and 'titles.' The 'good,' suggests that we have an overall positive response from our audience, although it isn't the greatest compliment in the world, the word 'good' simply suggests that we had our audience's approval.
The word 'soundtrack' is also one of the most eye-catching words on the Wordle. Thankfully, the soundtrack was one of the strongest points of our opening, and is also the subject to most our complements. Our original soundtrack, has a slow yet catchy melody which adds a sense of professionalism to our film.
Our 'editing' was also a positive topic, many people highlighted the fact that our editing worked really well with the music, and many people really liked the jump-cuts of Konrad walking in the cemetery.
Sadly, our 'titles' weren't such a positive topic, even though we had tried our best to make them visible (without it ruining the atmosphere of the film) we clearly had not found an effective enough solution as many of our classmates said that they were not visible enough. However, it isn't such a huge problem as many successful films such as 'The Stepfather,' contain titles that aren't clearly visible.

A video d of our classmates talking about our film....

Although we had great feedback from our classmates, they weren't our target audience, which is probably a good thing as only around 4 out of the 20 students said that they would happily pay to watch the movie at the cinema. However our feedback gave us great complements and useful advice that we can apply when making our next film, such as realising how important the soundtrack is and knowing that titles should be OBVIOUS.

When we had our cinematic debut i'm proud to say that I feel like our film went down quite successfully, many people cheered both and after it was shown and i even heard someone say "ahh, its like a music video." Which is great as that is exactly the type of opening we wanted! Sadly, the only people that were our target audience were the teachers that had kept pretty quiet during the screening but, we had asked for their opinion many times previously. They had said things like, "it's nice, slow and mysterious with a great use of scenery, I would actually watch this movie." 
This is a great piece of feedback as it is telling us that our film actually appeals to the people that we want it to!!
Our cinematic debut...

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