Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Another...change of plan...

SO, long story short when our group were filming on Friday, we realised that our opening reeeeaaallyy wasn't opening anything, it was LAME!
To make it more interesting, we threw around a few ideas and thought, ''heyy why not put a bag over his head!?!?!''
The general plan was for Konrad to make his way to the cemetery, put down the scarf/flowers, then for him to sit down, and a sack would be put over his head, kind of like the photo on the right...
(but without the 2 guys in puff jackets).

So, while filming, Konrad and I tried to put this plan into action... so far it was all talk, no action... we needed film!!

One of the many problems was.... we didn't have a sack! -_-
So... we decided to use a black plastic bag that Konrad had found on the floor. This was when we KNEW that it was fate... that this idea is surely the best, most genius idea in A Level history...
 So we tried it out; filmed Konrad making his way to the cemetery, filmed him walking towards the grave, he puts the stuff down. I walk, edging closer, I can allmostt heeeeeeeeearrrrrr the suspenseful music echoing in my head... I remove the bag from my grasp and put it on his head. silence.

I am not proud to say, I have never felt so foolish and silly in my whooleee existence.
SUCH a bad idea.

not only did we feel stupid, but we were both almost certain that we looked it too, suddenly i was quite glad the bodies around us were deep underground, so they couldn't witness this horrendous attempt at a thriller film.

Crying and blowing nose
We need a new idea...

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