Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Our new plan!

Nerd smiley face
Yup, that's me.
In our attempt to be the worlds most indecisive media group, we knew we needed to come up with a new plot for our opening...
So what do we dooo?

Well, wile putting together our rough cut... and we MEAN rough... we were having a lovely group discussion while playing games on Konrad's phone.. Smiley playing video games
HAhahahaha, no ofcourse we werent playing.... =/

Annywayyss.. so while deciding on what to do, we thought we should share our dilemma with the rest of the class... while doing this we gained some pretty kool feedback...

Although it may seem pretty boring, we thought, its better to look boring and plain, than pure stupid. So, thats what we are going for, we are ruling out the option of the 'sack' and replacing it with a more subtle approach... hoping to stand out from the crowd we are going for the more mellow thriller.
So, to make sure that our footage doesn't get wasted, we plan to do this:
Konrad walks to the cemetery, puts down flower/scarf then finds something in the grave...maybe a watch or key or knife.. but SOMETHING that can hold your attention...

goodness, I hope we pull this off....

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