Friday, 25 March 2011

Coming to an end

So now that we've finished our movie, all we have left to do is see it. And everyone else's. I've taken away a lot of things from this 'experience'. Working in a team is harder than you think. I have to say, I think our group are on the same level(ish) when it came to our movie. We had similar ideas and tastes on what we wanted it to be like. We got along pretty great apart from some small speedbumps along the way. When we first started I was pretty psyched about working with Konrad and Goz because we get along really well and I would work with them again. What I liked is that we didn't appoint anyone a leader, instead we were all equals in this process and made collective decisions.

I've also learnt that people are going to criticise your movie no matter what. We thought our initial idea was amazing, but when we did our pitch the class didn't really understand what it was about and we had to explain it to them for them to get it. Our teachers also thought our idea was too complex and at the time we were like 'what are they on about? our idea is awesome!' Now I've realised it was abit much for the little time we had to film and edit and I actually think our final movie is muuuuuuuuchhh better. I'm glad we listened to what our teachers and classmates had to say about our movie and that we changed our movie because I think it makes a good opening. When someone says something about your movie always take it in your stride and if it makes sense, then use it. If you don't, then ignore it.

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