Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Edting: Some more

Today's lesson is going great so far. Our opening sequence is pretty much done cutting and pasting wise. All we have to do is finish the titles and finish the sound. Konrad made this EPIC looking production company logo for us using Adobe After Effects. It looks EPIC. Seriously. Here's a shot from his editing.

Another thing. Our movie is now called Paradox. We started off with Echo and then thought that it didn't really fit in with our movie. So then the word Enigma was on the cards, and then Paradox came about. We ended up going with Paradox because there are already a couple of movies called Enigma. So Paradox is almost finished. I never realised how long it would take for us to film and edit the movie, and now I can understand why great movies like Avatar and Harry Potter take so long to make.
We got some feedback from Bernard who said that he really likes our movie so far and says that it has 'potential'. He likes the variety and range of shots that we have and it all makes more sense to him. So, that's another good thing. :D And the weather. Is a bonus.

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