Thursday, 10 March 2011

chhangee of plann!

After showing our teachers the footage we had, we got some heart warming criticisms, so I realised that we needed and urgent plan of action! Smiley
Our thriller, blatantly wasn't thrilling, At All. So, all week, i've been thinking of a plan, something to make good use of the footage that we had already. After all, after begging Konrad to wear a suit and practising our kind smiles in the mirror to convince the hotel staff to let us film there, it was the least I could do.
So, my plan...
We would use the hotel scene as usual, as that would give us great marks for mise en scene (hopefully)  and we would have to re shoot the parts where I'm following konrad like a weird stalker type person, (because even though we didn't admit it, I'm pretty sure the whole group thought it just looked silly). We would shoot a few shots of konrad making his way to the cemetery, and him putting down the flowers, and the scarf that I (his dead wife) was wearing, then he would sit down, start seeing me walking towards him. He would look somewhere else, see me again, a creepy music would begin here, till someone quickly puts something over his head, and with a 'bang!' a black screen, with the title, 'Echo.' 


Hopefully, a lot more thrilling.

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