Sunday, 20 March 2011

Filming (Day 4)

Today is the last day of filming. We almost completely changed the plot of our movie. We have decided not to use the footage from our last shoot because it didn't make much sense and we don't want to confuse our audience in the first two minutes. Also the ghost idea would be more effective in a long run and not just the opening. We decided to film at the cemetery again but at a different grave and I will not be haunted anymore. We had an idea of using some mystery object and putting it on the grave but we were not sure what. WeWe had many ideas for that so we brought a range of props such as a pillow case (kidnapping), an envelope, a big coin (mystery item) and few pieces of paper (a message from the dead?).
We decided to use the coin and a letter in an envelope. At the end of the shoot I though it would be good if we film from someones perspective as if our main character was watched. This gave us a variety of shots and proved useful because later on we decided not to use the coin which was hidden in the envelope. Using shots from further away allowed us to create the illusion that I opened the letter and went straight to reading it and not looking for a coin.

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