Thursday, 24 March 2011

Done! Evaluation of our opening.

So, as tomorrow is the deadline, I'm over the moon to say that we have finished our opening. Although we may have had a few disagreements on the way, it has definitely been a great and positive team effort. So, first of all, unsurprisingly, our final edit looks almost nothing like our plan, apart from the fact that Konrad is walking, we had changed the shots and storyline completely. Despite the fact that this comes across as a negative, I believe that we have all made changes and contributions for the better.
Our opening credits consist of Konrad exiting a hotel, walking to a cemetery and finding an envelope in the grave that he was visiting. Asleep yet? Yes, although this simple (and slightly boring) idea doesn't come across as a Oscar winning movie, it had created ample opportunity to experiment with different shots and angles and I'd like to think that we have taken full advantage of this fact. Moreover, the fact that we had realised that this wasn't the most exciting storyline, really helped us focus on the editing and sound aspect of the project. This was due to the fact that we knew it was the only way to really make the audience enjoy themselves.
So that's exactly what we did, thanks to our rush last minute decisions and impulse-fuelled actions, we created an opening which I'd like to think that we are all proud of. The thing that I'm extra-glad about is the fact that we managed to use an original song that we are almost certain that no one has listened to before. This gives our opening an extra edge and shows that our group is not only talented in itself, but also know talented people!
Talking about talent, one of our other unique points is the opening that was made by Konrad; the 'Candi Studios' opening clip (seen above) is quite possibly my favourite part of the whole opening, and I cant help but gloat about the fact that I had added the sound for it! haha!
After asking for a few opinions and pretending to by shy when other classmates asked to watch our opening, we recieved some great positive feedback as well as some minor constructive criticism. However, most of us were already aware of some of the flaws in our movie, we just wanted to ignore they were there as there was simply nothing we can do about it, either due to the lack of useful footage, are the simple fact that we had run out of ideas. But, one thing that received the most positive reaction was our title music, one person stated that he thought...
"The music is really great, you sure it's nothing professional?"
So that was a great positive feedback that really boosted our confidence, another was when a teacher said...
"I like it, its simple but effective, good job!"
So, before I sound like an over-confident moron (if I haven't already), I would like to sum up by saying that I believe that our thriller opening is soooooooo much better than any of us thought it would be, and I would also like to thank everybody that helped us make it. Furthermore, I would also like to say thanks to the rest of the group, for being so cooperative and hard-working (most of the time lol), we really pulled up our socks and made this film as good as it could be... hopefully we'll have the grade to prove it!

And Here it is...

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