Monday, 14 March 2011

Schedule for the week.

In todays lesson we began our rough cut (the deadline is our lesson this wednesday) and looked through the footage that we had gathered over the weeks. We have quite alot. I didn't realise we had shot that much. After changing our idea, we decided that we need to go to the graveyard and film some stuff for our new and improved idea. Because I couldn't go to film with them over the weekend, I don't really know what the graveyard looks like, but from our footage I saw that it looks like a real good place to film. Goz and Konrad only found out half an hour before the scheduled time at New Southgate that they were allowed to film. Which wasn't very convenient. So they went to another place nearby (I don't remember the name) and filmed there. And the footage is quite good.
So our schedule for this week is something along the lines of:

  • Wednesday 16th March - We're going to show Bernard our rough cut with the footage we have so far. Even if we're not going to use it all. It's better for him to get an idea of what our opening is then nothing.
  • Friday 18th March - We booked to take out the cameras over the weekend today, so we'll collect them.
  • Sunday 20th March - The day we're going to film.
  • Monday 21st March - The day we're going to bring back the equipment. Before 9am of course.
And in between all that, we'll keep blogging. Hopefully.

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