Friday, 18 March 2011

Roughly cutting our film up...

Well, not that we have most of our footage, and our rough cut deadline has passed, we have kinda made our rough cut. Emphasis on the rough. Still not feeling to keen on the whole concept of our opening, we tried to make the footage we have got look worth while, hoping to draw attention from our - in my opinion - DRY storyline.
So to start off with, we focused on the visual side of the footage, selecting the suitable shots and sections that we can use. Due to the huuugee amount of footage we had, this was indeed quite a struggle. But, after we while we got a relatively good order and we began to tune our movie. Although, as we didn't really have the correct footage for the final section, we couldn't really complete the rough cut at the standard that i was hoping. However, now that we have a (sort of) clear idea about what we have done and what needs doing, we will be on our way!

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