Wednesday, 23 March 2011


So now that we're almost at the end of our making of an opening sequence, we're going to watch them all on the BIG SCREEN. But if ouor movie was forreal, like we actually made it for the general public, then what kind of audience would watch our movie? I think we would obviously attract people who love thrillers, that's a given. I think young adults and adults would be the main groups we would attract. Say, ages 16 up. I think our movie could potentially scare the biscuits out of people, even though we don't really know what the rest of our movie is about. I have learnt that the opening to a movie is really important. It will show the producers if they were successful in keeping audience interested, or if there movie was, basically a flop.

This is how the audience will look before the movie starts.

And this is how they should look during the movie.

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