Thursday, 31 March 2011

EVALUATION:Q2 How does our media product represent particular social groups?

In our movie opening we are only clearly introduced to one particular character and it seems that this character is represented as a smart and groomed businessman. This image is emphasised by the dark coloured simple shirt he wears and by the fact that the film starts by showing him leaving a clean (and quite posh/expensive looking) hotel.
This is obviously not a new type of character; tall, slim attractive men in suits are extremely common among the film industry. As a result, the world is used to lead characters looking good, having a secret then saving the day! Due to this character being so common, it suggests that this is where the success lies, the character is obviously economically powerful as it oozes class and success. This attracts viewers as they would like to escape from reality and do the same! So to some up, success sells.

Bond...James Bond
One of the most famous and recognised smart, groomed men in media is the one and only James  Bond, who is rarely seen without his fully ironed suit (well, apart from the scenes in the bedroom). I believe that (as our film is a thriller) that the first impressions of the character played by Konrad could be influenced by the stereotypical image of the smart businessman that has a dark, and possible violent side.
Another way our main character can be perceived from our opening sequence is actually quite similar, a 007 without the code name. In other words, a simple, hard working businessman. This could be quite similar to the characters shown in the film 'Wall Street: Money never sleeps.' Although I haven't seen the film, the characters involved seem to be quite intelligent and professional, and of course like nearly all characters can have something to hide...
Shia Labeouf in 'Wall Street'

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