Monday, 14 March 2011

Another change.

Our storyline has changed yet again, but this time I think we have the one. We realised in todays lesson that our initial idea was indeed, too complex. There were just so many parts to film and squish into two minutes. And that was without the titles and everything. We don't really have much time left either. So our idea has now been cut down, and I actually think this is going to be quite effective and keep the audience interested. Something that Phil and Mary were pointing out to us today was that we have to have subtle suspense; a thrill that isn't SO OBVIOUS, just a little obvious. And I think our idea now portrays that. It is: Konrad leaving the hotel and goes to visit his dead wifes grave. He brings her flowers and sits down and finds something placed there already (a key, a coin or another bunch of flowers. we haven't really decided yet.) And he becomes really confused about how the object got there and who put it there. That was where we sort of decided to end it. Buuuuuuttt, I think that we should add in our idea that the group came up with that someone puts a sack (in our case, a black pillow cover) over Konrads head and then it all goes black. I think that would put the audience on really on the edge. We haven't completely decided yet. But we will. Soon.

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