Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Today we officially started to edit our opening sequence. We had all of our footage already chosen from our rough cut but we are not strict to the exact bits of the film, we are open to changes. I think that organisation is the key to well... doing anything to the best standards :) Thats why from the first day we organised all of our footage into folders depending on the day they were filmed in (Day 1,2,3,4 and 5) This helps us find footage quickly which saves us valuable editing time. We all did a little bit of everything, it was truly a team work. Few weeks ago we set tasks that each person will be only responsible for, but at the end we all contributed to all of the parts of making the movie and I thing thats why its going so well. We received the song from Goz's friend today which means that we could finally manipulate the sound and song so that it fits the movie well. Most of this type of editing was done by Goz as she is really good at that but we were watching the process closely and commenting/suggesting what and where should be done. Here is the raw track that we got today:

Overall we almost finished our piece except some glitches such as using black font(of the titles) on a black background. We did that in some scenes because we didn't want to change the colour of the font during the movie. We want to keep it simple, black, nothing extraordinary. We will have to figure out how to make some of the titles to stand out more from the dark background because they are not as clear to read.

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