Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION; Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challange forms and conventions of real media products?

We didn't have a specific inspiration involving different shot types and angles but we were inspired to use a simple opening. We went to the website: where we found film openings that looked very much like our film. Dirty Harry, Duval Disco and Juno had many shots that we have used.

I really like the fact that those shots are very similar. In both the main character is crossing the road, facing the camera, holding something the their hands and the
 actors name is displayed.

The "Juno" opening sequence is made to look like a cartoon with the main character (Juno) walking to the drug store. The whole sequence shows her walking and drinking SunnyD. The whole idea of
My attempt at recreating the shot from "Juno"
the sequence is similar to our movie, it simply shows a person walking. It also introduces the character showing that she is a bit different, unique.

Even though those movies have a completely different genre I think that the opening work for both of the films.
Another movie that has many similar shots in the opening sequence is "Dirty Harry". As you can see the shot are very similar. They are both close ups of the face as the main character is walking. However the character is coming from a different direction and the setting and lighting is different. The shot from the movie is dark and sinister and our shot is light but doesn't look happy, it looks quite sad and serious mainly because of the facial expression of the character.

There are two more shots from the movie "Dirty Harry". The next one is a close up of an envelope (in the movie its an extreme close up). Both of them show an envelope with some writing on it and a hand. This time lighting is also completely different. The use of dark colours and little lighting creates suspense where as in our movie its less suspenseful because the lighting is different.

The next shot is from the movie opening of "Juno", it shows the main character, Juno, walking. Thats pretty much the only similarity. Our shot is a low angle, close up of the feet and the movie has a mid shot of Junos legs however there is something very familiar between those two shots even though they create different moods. Juno is funny and young and Paradox is mysterious and suspenseful.

Movies use less "following" shots than I thought. "Duval Disco" is the only opening sequence that actually used quite a lot of following characters. Darren Aronofsky is known for using this types of shots. You may recognise his work in "Black Swan" or "The Wrestler" which he directed.

This is another following shot from "Duval Disco". Its also a following shot but this time its closer to the person. The character in the movie really resembles our character. The shots however have different purpose, "Duval Disco' is more of establishing the location and simply introducing the audience to the characters but our title sequence is meant to, not only introduce the audience to the main character, but also create a feeling of suspense and mystery.

The last shot is again from "Dirty Harry", it shows the main character walking and the Production Company title appears. Its a mid shot from side/behind of the character. Our shot also shows the main character walking and the Production Companys name is shown. Its a long/mid shot from the front/side of the main character. Not only the shots are similar but also the message that it puts across. It shows smart looking businessmen (or successful men) walking in a fancy, posh and glamours locations.

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