Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tomorroowww Tomorooww.... (to the tune of the 'Annie' song)

I know you want to.....

So, no school tomorrow.... however there is no rest for the wicked!
Our ultra hard-working group is off to film! However, sadly I think there's a kind of lack of enthusiasm lately, for the past couple of lessons, I feel like energy levels have dropped. But to be frank, I might be just as guilty as the others. But tomorrow, I shall try my best to be motivated and get the happy ball rolling as we hopefully conclude collecting our footage for our coursework.
Fingers crossed it'll go well!
we are planning to meet at 1:30 at our college, so we can collect our equipment, then off to the cemeteryy!
although i try not to be, I'm sure i'll be super early for the equipment collecting, hopefully i wont be waiting around as desperately as this guy... Smiley

and I've just realised I'm talking about trying to cheer people up, while planning to go to a graveyard... LOL

wish us luck! :)

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