Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nearly done...

So, we hoped today was the final day of editing... we were wrong! Although we have completed most of our opening, we just need to polish the edges and complete those all important finishing touches.
As I had mentioned before, we had received the music just in time, and as I had 'Bugsy'ed being the sound editor from the start of the project i was both extreeemmely thankful that it had arrived and also dreading the pressure, because if the song didn't fit, we would be done for!

Here is one version of the track:

Thankfully, it did fit quite well, and when we showed our edited clip to one of our amazingly wise technicians he commented that he 'really like the music'

So know we have the footage itself sorted, and the sound sorted, the only thing left is the titles...
We managed to put them up and arranged and placed them in places where we thought were appropriate, however this wasn't too east as much of our footage wasn't really suitable for the black writing we had. However, our group, along with many people who had seen our opening agreed that changing it to another colour would simply ruin our opening. So, while thinking about the evident problem, I had an idea!
We could still have the writing black, but just use a white outline!
Although, in theory, it sounds quite good (to me at least) this might turn out looking quite awful.. I guess we'll find out!

So after doing this, we found that it did work!  we had the normal black font then had the same writing but a size bigger in white behind it, it created a shadow effect and gave a quite mysterious effect. Although it was effective we decided not to apply it to all the tiles, just the ones which weren't absolutely clear!

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