Friday, 11 March 2011

Filming (Day 3)

It's the third day of filming our movie. It's freezing outside and all of our footage is recorded out... There isn't much time left so nothing will stop me from getting to our location and record the rest of the film. ;) Although there is no school today, we managed to book the equipment for the weekend so that we could record as much footage as possible. Today we were filming a scene outside the hotel again, this time without the "ghost" following me and a scene in a grave yard. We had very limited time today because Goz had to get home at 5pm and Azeemah couldn't come so we had to film in a bit of a rush. Hopefully this will not reflect badly on the movie. We filmed every scene few times to make sure that it's just right but there were few moments where we rushed and didn't record a scene that precisely.

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