Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Filming (Day 2)

Last week we filmed in a hotel and after reviewing the footage I think it went pretty well. Unfortunately the footage was a bit orange but we couldn't do anything about it on the set. Today we went back in front of the hotel to film me waking out of the hotel and going into one of the near by streets. We choose a street with little traffic so that it would be easier to edit without continuity errors. However the road just outside of the hotel is very busy so it was difficult to get a good shot without too many people in the shot or too many cars obstructing the view of the camera. We filmed Goz (our main characters ghost wife) following me throughout the video however as we looked at the footage in school we realised that it was a stupid thing to do because she looks like any other member of the public. 
This means that there is a change of plans. We will not make the ghost follow me but I will meet the ghost at a graveyard. This also means that we will not film at the millenium bridge but instead I will be heading to a grave yard. Another reason for not filming at the millenium bridge is the amount of people around us, it would be impossible to create a ghost effect if every second the scene looks different because of people moving. It will be easier to create a ghost effect at a cemetery because there is a little chance that someone will move (hehe)

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