Thursday, 24 March 2011

Editing: Titles

Now that we've completed the sound part of the opening, and pretty much cut our movie into oblivion (the good type) we just needed to put the titles in. Right towards the beginning of the process, when we were just getting started on this project we evaluated the title sequences and which order the titles came in. We decided to stick to a similar way that they were put in. So this is the order:

  • Candi Studios - our amazing logo that Konrad made (exciting times everytime we see it :D)
  • Candi Studios presents
  • A film made by Group Sixteen - our production company
  • Starring - the actor (of course)
  • Movie name - Paradox
  • Music by - the soundtrack was made by this pretty awesome band
  • Photography
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Director
And while all these are going on, our opening sequence will be playing at the same time. We decided to keep our titles in a simple black font because we wanted to make sure that we didn't completely distract the audience from our opening, but at the same time we wanted them to see them. We kept our titles mainly on the left side of the shot we put them in, but some were put on the right because we tried to put them on the lightest part of the shot so they weren't hidden. One thing I would say was kind of difficult was where to put the titles. In which shot and where to place them. We had to spread them out (not so) evenly but not too quick so that the audience missed half the titles and not too slow either so they were bored before we had actually properly begun. I think we got them pretty good. :)

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