Saturday, 12 March 2011

Filming: Part 1

So on Wednesday (2nd March) we arrived at the hotel we were scheduled to film at to...well film. It was a fun experience overall and I actually picked up a few pointers for when we next filmed. I learnt that when you film, it's never in the order that it's going to be edited in. In fact it can sometimes even be backwards. When we were filming at the hotel, we filmed one part several times from different angles before moving on to the next. I also learnt that the equipment is incredibly heavy. No joke. After lugging it around and setting it up and taking it down, my arms were seriously dying. The lighting is another thing that is really important. When making our preliminary movie it came out half in the dark and half in the light. That's because we didn't know about the 'sunglasses' we were suppose to use. And that helped us alot. Here are some shots from our filiming morning:

Filming was actually quite fun. And I think we got some great footage for our movie.

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