Saturday, 12 March 2011

Filming: Part 3...a

For our Mondays lesson (7th March) we didn't go out to film because we had a shorter lesson therefore we wouldn't have enough time to film anything. So, we went onto the computers and did some research for our next filming day. Well the next next filming day. One part of our opening is where Konrad goes to visit his wife at the graveyard....slight issue. Which graveyard? Because she only died recently, we couldn't just go to any old graveyard. We wanted one that looked quite nice and modernish looking. After doing some research on the ole' internet, we found a couple of places that seemed to fit the bill. The first one was New Southgate Cemetary and Crematorium, in Southgate obviously. It looked really peaceful and a good place to film. Goz rang them and they said they wanted our request in writing. So after composing a suitable email, we sent it. And waited. Meanwhile we searched for other places and came across Aldersbrook cemetary. We decided this would be our alternative if we weren't granted permission.

Here is a screen grab of the email we sent.

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