Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION; Question 6: Audience feedback and comment

In our class we had a discussion about our opening sequences. We watched every single opening and gave a feedback to the members of the group that made it. We all wrote the strengths and weaknesses on a piece of paper so that the group could analyse and acknowledge what was good and bad about their film. I think that our movie was a success because the responses were quite positive. We used wordle.net to create a nice looking image showing the words that were used to describe our film. The bigger the word, the more often it was used. As we can see our main words are good, soundtrack, editing, works and titles. Apart from the word "good", those words can be either bad or good depending on the context.  

"editing works well with the soundtrack"
"good use of slow-motion"
"interesting jump cuts"

Those are only few of many positive comments about our product. Many student also said that they "can't find any cons" which I think is very flattering and it shows that we did a good job.

Among the disadvantages we found out that some titles were unclear for some people and that the whole sequence is "kinda slow" (which was an advantage for some saying that they liked that nice, slow, consistant pace). 

From the beginning we knew that not everyone would enjoy this opening because not much happens in it. Some might think something along the lines of: "you knew that and still went with it ?!". Well yes it might not attract 16-17 year olds (4 out of 18 students would pay to see the movie) but that's good because it is not our target audience. We didn't want to pack the whole movie in those 2 minutes, we wanted something subtle that simply introduces you to the plot.

Here is the class discussion after watching "Paradox":

Here is a video from the Cinema Screening of our opening sequence:

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