Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Filming (Day1)

Today was our first day filming (finally). We planned to go film in a Jury's Inn Hotel and near St.Pauls Cathedral. Before the half term we went to Jury's Inn and we asked if we could film inside of the hotel they said yes. Today we had to ask again because the person that we asked last time wasn't in. We had no problems with getting the permission again.

Since I'm playing a bussinesmen I brought my suit and we used my school bag as a briefcase. We started by filming me getting out of an elevator and getting outside. That was all that we did in the hotel. It took us an hour. Unfortunately we couldn't control the lighting so all the shots look orange and the lighting is dark in some areas and really bright in others. I will try to use Colors to make the footage less orange (by adding blue) and I could also manipulate the brightness and contrast a little bit.

I really like the footage from our second location, St Pauls Cathedral. The long shot of me walking up the stairs with the rest of the public reminds me of action movies set in big cities. Eventhough there are people around me we can clearly see that I'm the one the audience should be looking at.

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