Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Before We Film...

Sooo, tomorrow is indeed our first day of filming!
We will begin to film our first scene, that's inside the hotel. As we have prior consent, we are able to start filming as soon as we arrive to our 'set.' =D
For our amazing Mise En Scene, we are trusting Konrad to bring a smart suit and briefcase, as he will be the one wearing it, it would make sense if he brings his own... it would also give him a sense of familiarity to him character.
 The hotel staff had told us that Wednesday mornings can usually be quite a busy time in the hotel lobby (where we are planning to film), this could be a problem as it would make it hard for us to have perfect continuity, however it would create a great sense of the busy life that our main character leads...
 So costumes, props, and setting at the ready, all we need now is to put it all to action!!
 wish us luuckkk....

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