Monday, 28 February 2011

The Pitch.

So before we actually make our movie, we had to pitch it to the rest of the class to make sure that they understood what was going on and to see if it would be successful. We made a presentation that contained all the important stuff for our movie. The loactions, the props, the actual storyline, music/SFX, a filming schedule and all sorts. Presenting our pitch to the class was fine (Goz did all the speaking) and we got some constructive criticism which we took into consideration. Let me give you a run down of our presentation.

The title: Echo
The treatment(or storyline): 
A smart businessman leaves his hotel, the seemingly routine journey to work is disrupted by a familiar face.
He leaves his hotel, and grabs a coffee from the local stall, things seem normal as old friend catches his eye, however, when he does a double take, she disappears. As he strolls through Millennium Bridge, he notices her once more and is mislead to think that she helps him as he drops his pen. As he carries on walking, he seems startled and worried as she brushes by him.
The Genre(and sub-genre) : Psycholoigcal Thriller
The Locations: Millenium Bridge, a coffee stall, Jury's Inn hotel lobby and St. Pauls Cathedral
Mise En Scene: Coffee, Suit, Briefcase, Red dress/ jacket, a pen and a red bag
Storyboard and animatic: (both which are already on the blog)
Schedule: The dates we're going to film
Risk assessment
Skills we've learnt
The Audience

I think our pitch went well. We were the fourth? group to go and it was interesting to see the other groups ideas.

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