Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Enemy of the State full opening

In our group we were given a task of analysing an opening sequence of a movie. 'Enemy of the State' was the film that we had to analyse. We had to state the production and distribution companies as well as what information we were given, how and why it was there. We analysed the opening based on the video clip on the right however that's not the full opening sequence. The time graph and other information was based on this clip but I'll analyse or correct some data based on the video at the bottom of the post which I have uploaded after the lesson.

'Enemy of the State' is a political-(spy)-thriller which we can clearly see through the opening because of the use of CCTV footage and the fact that it shows Washington D.C. (including the White House).

There are things that "have to" come up on an opening sequence such as:

  • Name of the Distribution Company
  • Name of the Production Company
  • The Title of the Film
  • Main Actors
and many more... (the full list can be found below)

The Distribution Companies wasn't named in the sequence but the Production Companies were shown at the very beginning. They were: Touchstone Pictures and Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. The movie was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures.
At 4:14 the title appeared which is 4:14 minutes after the time that we used for analysis in class (the clip started with the title). Below there is a 6 mins opening sequence.

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