Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lights, Camera, ANIMATIC

For our preliminary movie, we had to create an animatic (a rough outline of our actual film containing ideas for shot types and angles) using jelly babies and a still camera. YUM! 
Our idea: A murder! We start off with a dead jelly baby, blood oozing from his torso, in this section we use lots of close ups before having a long shot to show the audience what's really going on. Then, (as a cool twist) we show that there is a witness to the slaughter! However, at this point the audience isn't clear on weather she is a witness of the murderer....tense eh? 
Then we see the witness outside a door, waiting to go inside to be interviewed, here we have a variety of shots from a range of angles, then the witness walks in, here we have a series of match cuts as well as shot reverse shots, always following the 180-degree rule of course. =) We then added the song, Make me wanna die - The Pretty Reckless, as it has an eerie intro and the lyrics seemed to fit the storyline pretty well! 
Here is our Animatic......

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