Sunday, 6 February 2011

Preliminary Match Cut Exercise

Week after making the animatic using jelly babies we could start filming.
All the footage from the camera in FC Pro
After getting the camera, SD cards and a tripod we went straight to the library to ask if we could use one of the rooms as an interrogation room. Yes we could. Because we did the animatic, we knew exactly what to do. To have a variety of footage that we can use we recorded each action many times from different angles, using different shots and with different lighting. I especially like the shot from above (below), it reminds me of shots used in movies with prisons or well... interrogations. 

Shot from above gives a feeling of being watched from every angle

Many of the shots that we filmed weren't in our animatic but we thought that they might look very good. Also some shots are examples of intertextuality i.e. they were used in movies from this genre and can be associated with them. The shot above and few other shots which we filmed from above (CCTV) represent a prison-like or a government institution.

We still have some editing to do such as adding sounds and text but making the animatic helps because we know exactly what to do and when.

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