Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Our Pitch

This week we had to prepare a presentation about our movie. We had to include an idea for a title, sounds, props as well as our storyboards and the treatment. Every group would have to present it and then listen to comments from the class. There were many very good ideas but some had to be twitched a little, including ours.

I think that today went pretty well. It wasn't necessarily the constructive criticisms  which made us change the idea a little bit but the fact that we were successful at finding a hotel where we could film one of our scenes.

Our presentation:

I have not included storyboard in this slideshow because there is an animatic already on this blog:

There was also a hyperlink in our slide show ("check this out") to a short video which I've made in Adobe After Effects. This is still in development because it's too short, lacks focus and information but it's a start:

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