Saturday, 5 February 2011

Planning: Making an Animatic

For our preliminary movie (a fancy term for practise movie) we created an animatic using jelly babies, before recording the real version. We took still shots with a digital camera to make up a storyboard containing the camera angles we were going to use in our actual preliminary. We had to make match shots, which is basically when you take shots from different angles and edit them together to 'match'. It was quite fun.

Look quite innocent, don't they?

Here are some shots from the editing process.

These are some of the close up shots of the 'dead' jelly baby. Sad times. The top image contains a screen grab of all the still shots taken. And the left part of that screen is where Final cut pro is open to begin the editing the process.
The initial task we were given was one person enters a room, sits down opposite another person and exchange a few lines. Doesn't that sound...well boring? To make it interesting we did some brainstorming and came up with the idea of making the scene like an interrogation because someone died. Morbid, right? We weren't gonna show you how the person died, no way. Just plenty of close ups of them dead. Then in comes a witness. Or are they really? We then skip to the 'witness' going to the interrogation room, where we use several different shots to add lots of suspense. Then the 'witness' sits down and has the smallest of small conversations with the interrogator.
With limited resources for our animatic we had to make the props and scenes out of paper. This resulted in the jelly babies falling off the improvised paper chair evey time we tried to make it sit. It was hilarious. I wasn't there to take the shots, but by the looks of it my other team emebers had a blast.


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