Thursday, 10 February 2011

Evaluation Of Preliminary Film

Generally I think that our preliminary movie went quite well. We did all the things that we were set to do; a match cut, shot reverse shot and acknowledge the 180 rule, and we were pretty close to our storyboard/animatic which is important while making movies.
There were few areas where we could improve such as:

  • get rid of the fades at the beginning
  • cut the scenes better 
  • use the SD filter where appropriate 
and few other minor mistakes.

The fades at the beginning were meant symbolise heart beat and at the same time make the jump cuts less jumpy but in reality it looks quite cheesy and unprofessional.

Some of the shots are too long and awkward. After the "So you are the witness..." line, the shots are too long and it seems ages before the "detective" says " wanna tell me what you saw?"

There is another problem with that scene, the shot showing the witnesses eyes is too long but also too dark. We must have left the SD filter on which should only be used in bright locations.

I also think that we could have chosen a better font and transition for the title (as well as the title itself) because it is too stylised to the point that it looks mediocre.

However I do like some shots such as the "CCTV" camera-like shots from the corners of the room or the shot right above the witness as she enters the room. Also the scenes flow quite nicely and its easy to watch.

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