Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Before we begin filming... remind ourselves of...Camera!

As the time film our actual movie come closer, I thought I'd post up a little reminder of cameras and camera facts and things we should generally have in mind when filming.

  • Remember your memory card! Although this seems like a generally easy thing to remember, people do tend to forget. and if they forget, then they are really filming for no reason because its not going anywhere =(
  • when filming, always try to keep the camera in a safe and secure place i.e; not on top of a sharp rock that's on a bent surface.
  • When keeping the camera on a constant level, it is always best to use a tripod. Remember to make sure the camera is locked firmly onto the tripod before filming to prevent any accidents as well as having a wobbly movie.
  • Before pressing record, you should make sure the lens is in focus and the object is in clear view (not blurry).
  • Make sure the camera is kept dry! If filming in possible wet conditions remember to keep an umbrella handy, London's weather can be very unpredictable after all.
to finish off, here is a video showing the basics of the video camera:

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