Sunday, 13 February 2011

Editing: Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro

It looks incredibly complex doesn't it? Thats what I thought when I first saw it. But it's nearly not as complicated as you think. There are two ways to create a soundtrack on here. One is an audio editing mode. This is where you can import sound clips or use ones already there and create a track of some sort. You can change the volume and add in fade ins and fade outs to it to make it sound pretty epic. The other way is called a multi track mode and this is where you can put different sound effects and instuments together to make a cool sounding track. With this one you can change the tempo and make it louder/ quieter and other things of the sort. It's a pretty useful programme and I think for our final movie, we would definately use this to make our spooky sound effects.  

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