Sunday, 20 February 2011


Let say that we were making an actual movie and that we had a budget...

...we would have to create an advertising campaign :)
To do this well, it is important to know what is our target audience. We know that we want to target both males and females aged 16 up to 35. This means that we have a variety of people which gives us more freedom to target the audience that would normally not want to watch this type of movies. This could be done by showing the areas of the movie that is more attractive to them such as romance scenes to attract females and action scenes to attract males.
Also we would have to choose the types of advertisement (posters, banners, internet content) as well as the places to display them.

I think that putting it at bus stops near shopping malls would be a good way to attract female audience and using banners near a motorway can attract the male audience.

Trailers of the movie before romantic movies as well as action movies to attract similar audience. The trailers would require to show different sides of the movie, the feminine one and the masculine side of the film.

Using free advertisement such as groups on Facebook and Twitter is an easy way to save money and attract a wide range of similar minded people. This helps to spread the movie among people because every time someone joins the group their friends see it  and it spreads "through the word of mouth"

YouTube is a great place to advertise because it allows us to make free videos which could then be passed on from person to person and this way introduced to many people. Also it is easy to target specific audience with advertising because we can show a banner or a link to a video only next to videos that are relevant or similar to the genre or content of the movie.

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