Sunday, 13 February 2011

Editing: Livetype

As well as using Final Cut Pro for our preliminary movie we used Livetype. Never heard of the programme? Well don't fear, I'll explain to you the ins and outs of it.

Lets start with Livetype. It's this programme (obviously) that let us create titles for our movie. We only made one, but we were obviously just testing it out.

This is how the screen would look when you open up Livetype. We obviously didn't want just a random title, we wanted it to fit in with our movie. Imagine how weird it would look if we just handed in a title for our prelim. So in the timeline at the bottom our movie would already be there. To make the actual title you type in the title and have the option to change the font, colour, size, animation and a bunch of other stuff. The titles are important remember? I did a whole post about them before, plus we're making a title sequence so we obviously need good title-making experience. Right? Thought so. There were so many different choices for us and we spent ages trawling through and experimenting with what looked best. We ended up with a slightly curly kind of font (because we couldn't really make up our mind. And we were running out of time) and added in a shadow because we had several black screen transitions in the beginning part of our prelim. It also made it lookd quite creepy looking. Which was what we needed.

One thing I learnt about making a title. It needs to be on the screen for at LEAST three seconds. You would think that three seconds is too long, but when I watched our final prelim, I thought it was abit short. But at the time of making it I thought it looked fine. So, I think five second titles would be okay. I think.

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