Saturday, 5 February 2011

A little bit of action

Right now, I'm watching Percy Jackson and the lightening thief. It's the movie on sky premiere this week, so I'm thinking why not write something about it? This movie isn't a thriller, it's an action/adventure family movie, but it has tense moments in it. And I'm starting to realise that all movies have that, just some are more subtle than others. So i guess this is a little commentary of one scene that I absolutely think is full of action (and a little bit of suspense). It's the scene where Percy Jackson and friends have just gotten a pearl from Nashville and are now in Las Vegas in a casino. They get offered Lotus flowers, something that puts them in a daze and keeps them there for five days.

So, eat Lotus flower. Fall under a spell, which makes them want to stay there forever. Or a while anyways. They forget that they have a mission to complete. Soundtrack plays. Pokerface by Lady Gaga. Good choice. It gives the ultimate party vibe. People are dancing and having fun. Another soundtrack. Tik Tok by Ke$ha. Then a spooky voice tells Percy not to eat the flower because it will *insert spooky voice* 'keep him there forever'. He has a conversation with a guy about a movie and learns that he's in...DUN DUN DUN. 1971. What the...?Waitresses keep offering him Lotus flowers and he always says no. He spots the last pearl. But before he can grab it, the bell boy person thing interrupts his thoughts of how to get it. He speaks into a headset and says "Percy Jackson is awake." Not in a creepy voice, but in a monotone kind of one. The close up shot of his face when he says that is the suspenseful part. Because everything goes sort of quieter, his voice loud and clear. His friends are still in a trance. So he wakes them up and tells them they have to run. The bell boy from earlier spots him ready to run and they begin to go after them. He grabs the pearl. And runs. Naturally. Mayhem begins. They start to attack the people who are out to get them. Man are they good at beating people up. Snooker sticks, crutches and all sorts. They need to get out. So Grover (one of Percy's friends) spots a Porsche sitting on a rotating wheel and says "In the car! In the car!" Best line from that scene. Easily. The best angle comes next. When they're in the car, the camera looks like it's being held by one of the actors so its shaky and keeps moving. My mind has one word running through it. Panic. Panic. Panic. The security people come in front of the car. I thought 'They won't run him over right?' Only partially right. They obviously cant injure the guy, so they do one of those faking-to-get-hurt-and-jumping-out-the-way-just-in-the-nick-of-time moves. Very unoriginal, but it gets him out of the way. Grover, puts his 'foot on the gas' as they would say and drives straight through the glass. I wonder how he passed his driving test. The amplified sound of the smashing gives me a second to think 'What's behind that glass fool?' and the next tells me they've escaped. Phew.

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