Saturday, 5 February 2011

Planning: The ACTUAL preliminary movie

So after we made our jelly baby preliminary, the next lesson was were we filmed the actual movie. Finally. I didn't realise I had to be in the film, so when I found out I was like :O 'Noooo....' but I took one for the team. Just kidding. I didn't mind that much. Plus it was a good learning experience because I took direction from the 'directors' (Goz and Konrad) and had to wait for them to set up the shot before I had to act. It was pretty confusing and different when we filmed because we filmed the latter part of the film first, and then filmed the first scene if the movie last (mainly because we didnt have the blood with us). We then went guessed it, Final cut pro to edit. Here's a sneak preview of our movie (we still need to add some finishing touches).


The first screen shot is of all our footage. We took quite alot, because we had many great angles to get through. The next three shots are from the editing process itself, the first one having a CCTV type angle (thanks to the very tall Konrad), the second being a close up and the third a birds eye view type of shot. Those are just some. We have plenty more amazing ones. The final screen grab is of the timeline. If you look really really close you can see the transitions that we added in at the beginning.

A rule we learnt: The 180 degree rule. The picture below explains it all.

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