Friday, 4 February 2011

creating our preliminary movie

Making our preliminary moooviiee was indeed very fun! We had to make sure that we were following the guidelines of our animatic and staying clear of the 180 degree rule.

The 180 Rule: This rule is one of the most simple yet effective rules in film making. All it consists of is the fact that the camera can only stay on one side of the action, just like it's shown in the picture below. The rule helps the audience connect with he characters in the action gives a subliminal sense of understanding due to the full visual of the background of the characters.

We followed our preliminary movie as much as we could, adding a few more angles and shots on the stop as we had waves of inspiration flow through us! LOL We stuck to the same dead guy for the opening (Konrad), and used Azeemah for the Witness.We used the 4th floor corridor for the death scene which created a sense of eeriness due to its emptines (no wonder, getting up there is like climbing Mt Everest!).  

As usual, we used Final Cut pro  to edit our movie, HOWEVER, this time, we had the task of adding titles to our amazingaling movie. To do this we used Livetype pro, which was definitely a lot more complicated to use. but have no fear,  i shall blog about that in a moment! 

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