Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Black Swan - Analysis

Although the IMDB doesn't classify 'The Black Swan' as a thriller (, i DEFINITELY disagree!  In my opinion this five time Oscar nominated film is on of the most psychologically thrilling and suspenseful movies I have watched in a VERY long time!
Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers
The basic storyline (SPOILER ALERT) is that a Ballet dancer named Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) wins the lead in a production of 'Swan Lake,' a role that she is seemingly perfect for. However, she must also play the part of the swan's evil twin, which causes her to lose bother herself and her sense of reality.
This epic movie cause numerous tense moments and caused the packed theatre to both hold their breath from the tense atmosphere and to be hooked to the physical and mental pain that Nina Was going through.
My favourite, and probably the most thrilling scene is towards the very end of the movie, where Nina schizophrenia really becomes evident. After an Awful First act (where she gets dropped during the lift), Nina Goes to her dressing room and sees her dance rival Lily putting on Nina's Black swan costume that she wears for the second act. Here, Nina Switches! Her inner black swan takes over and she leaps on Lily, the two have a huge fight, during the battle, Lily turns into a twin of Nina (yes, wierd, I know). This causes Nina to freak out even more so she pushes her double towards the huge mirror on the wall, smashing it and using a shard of glass to stab her rival in the stomach!
Cool eh?
One of the Most suspenceful parts of the movie was a little later after this scene where Nina goes to retrieve the body of 'Lily' which she threw in the shower, as the dramatic music piles the suspense to the already tense atmosphere, the audience (as well as Nina) is shocked when the body isn't there!

All in all, a thrilling, mind twisting film, recommended to all regular film goers with an open mind!

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