Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Who's gonna watch our film? The AUDIENCE!

The films compared with the gender of their usual audience.
In my opinion, Thriller audiences can mostly be categorised by their sub-genre, for example romantic thrillers such as 'Mr and Mrs Smith' would have a Female dominant audience, however action thrillers such as 'James Bond,' would have a majority of male viewers.
However, in 2009 Only 4% of the total box office takings were from the 'suspense/thriller' genre'. This is an exxtreemelleeyy low percentage. However, this could just be due to the face that most thrillers are not classified to be in this particular category!  For example, 'Enemy of the State' is a thriller film but can also be categorised as an 'action' movie. due to these low numbers, it seems as if the audience for thriller films is quite small.
The size of the audience can be due to the fact that most thriller films have a high age certificate. Sadly due to the context or nature of the movie, the certificate reduces the audience size even more! Making it even harder for thrillers to make a decent gross! 

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