Saturday, 12 February 2011

Things to remember!

As we've received some great constructive feedback from our teacher, I thought we should really take note of the important things, and what better way to take notes than to do it on a blooooog?!

  1. Make our shots looooonnnggggggeeeeeerrrrrrrr! In the introduction of our preliminary film we showed shots of a dead body and added some 'cool' transitions. However, we didn't realise that the transitions made the clips a lot shorter (Whooppss!). 
  2. Also, we need to make the audience wonder what in the world is going on, give them clues about what's happening and give them time to really think about it. Really, we need to follow the rules 'Less is more' and 'slow and steady wins the race!'
  3. We need to show our titles for looongerrr! 
  4. A direct quote "need to shoot a greater range of shot types and angles in general."
  5. We need to remember to also use the ND filter when necessary.
  6. We also need to remember to use the correct type of microphone when recording vocals/dialogue.

Now.. the job of applyingg these notes to our real film! =| 

Wish us luck...Please? 

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