Tuesday, 15 February 2011


As we know there are many ways of displaying titles. I thought about each and everyone of them and what are the pros and cons.

Our back-up opening is a narrative opening. It may distract the audience from the movie but if done well it will blend in as part of the movie making the film look better. The best would be to put the titles on during shots where not much happens so that no one would miss any action while reading the directors name.

We will definitely not use titles on the black screen as it makes the whole sequence a bit slower. Also this king of structure works better with thrillers in darker locations. It keeps the viewers attention on the titles and doesn't disrupt the movie. Things that should be seen, are seen. This is very basic but effective and simple to do but it won't work with our movie.

A highly stylised editing sequence takes lots of time to do but looks really great. It keeps the audience interested and doesn't have to be directly connected to the movie. However it works best for action packed thrillers. The video below shows a short stop-motion video made by me in year 11(the origami birds were representing dancers because those two projects were linked).

The music was used from YouTube's library but surprisingly it fits very well

I had very limited time to do it and no experience (which can be seen). The time-lapse in the background took me 5 days to make (the camera didn't have an option to take pictures by itself and the battery was dying every few hours.) I've captured 7hrs of pictures which overall looks ok but wouldn't be good enough for a movie. To make a good stylised editing sequence we would have to use more footage like this as well as other well edited footage which would be very time consuming.

Our last option is a discrete title sequence. I though of using Adobe After Effects to create an effect like shown on: 


I have not used Adobe After Effects before but the tutorial is quite detailed and I think that I'm up for the job. This opening might not be directly connected to the rest of the title sequence but it might be connected to the whole movie (which we don't know). i think this effect will look really good and can give a bit spooky feeling to the relatively calm sequence.

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